Buyer must-do steps!!

1. Start saving. Even though you may know how much of a mortgage payment you can afford ( no more than 1/3 of monthly income) Don’t forget to save for a possible down payment, closing costs, inspections, and a survey if needed.

2. Explore your down payment options. Do you qualify for a down-payment assistance program? Will you qualify for a FHA loan 3.5% down? Have a relative able to give you a down payment gift?

3. Check your credit report! Check for accuracy and if necessary report errors to the credit reporting agencies.

4.Get pre-qualified and pre-approved. Most sellers are requiring a pre-app. letter with any offer submitted. Also it helps you know just what price range you should be looking in. What are you going to be comfortable paying each month? Just because the bank says you are approved for one figure doesn’t mean you have to spend that much!

5. Develop your housing criteria. Be clear your ” must haves” and your “wish list”. This helps your Realtor zone in on just the perfect house for you!

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