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Many home buyers want and expect their buyer’s rep to help them make good choices in their home purchase.
Consumers know that real estate agents are intimately familiar with certain neighborhoods, so it’s logical that
buyers would seek out their professional advice. However, your buyer’s rep may not be allowed to answer
all of your questions, including questions about whether a neighborhood is safe, or the racial composition of an
area, or whether the schools are good. Instead, buyer’s reps are instructed to direct you to helpful sources of
information so you can evaluate neighborhoods on your own.

This is because, under the Fair Housing law, it is unlawful for an agent to engage in any conduct that
is discriminatory towards any of the seven protected classes. Whether a neighborhood is safe, for example,
is a subjective decision. Your buyer’s rep can suggest the best Web sites and other resources to gather related
facts. But ultimately, buyers must form their own opinions about whether a home or a neighborhood is desirable to them.

The bottom line is it is a buyer’ choice!!
A real estate professional should never steer you toward or away from a particular neighborhood if the
homes there fit your needs and are within your range of affordability. However, there is no law restricting buyers
from making choice-limiting decisions or ruling out certain properties or neighborhoods based on factors
that are important to them. If you prefer a particular neighborhood, that is your choice, and you can share
these preferences with your buyer’s rep. Ultimately, Fair Housing is designed to help all buyers
achieve the dream of home ownership on their own terms. By researching neighborhoods that interest
you, and giving serious consideration to your needs and preferences, you will be able to make a smart,
informed home purchase—one you can enjoy for many years to come.

Fair housing laws are in place to protect buyers and all Realtor’s should respect them! I hope this clears up what can and
usually is a sticky question ” Is this a safe neighborhood.” I like to give my buyers the local police web and or number to call
to get informed information on the neighborhood. Who else would know better? I hope this helps! It is a great buyers market
don’t miss it!!!

As always enjoy!!

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