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Looking for your first home is a very exciting time. It can be fun looking at different homes, deciding which one best fits for your needs.
Here are some tips when searching to buy a home:
Get Pre-Approved and Learn About Mortgage Options
You will need to know your price range for a home purchase. With a credit and income pre-approval, you know exactly what you can afford. A pre-qualification letter also gives you stronger negotiating power over other non-qualified buyers.
There are many different types of mortgage loan products available. You will need to understand what type of mortgage is best for you.
Use a Real Estate Professional
Realtors are there to guide you through the buying process. Your Realtor does the following:
Arranges home tours
Knows the market area and provides current information of comparative sold properties
Guides you through the decision process in evaluating homes
Prepares the written offer and negotiates on your behalf
Takes care of all of the details to make sure you have a smooth buying process and closing
Is the Home Right?
Before making a long-term commitment to the home, you need to ask yourself if it meets your most-wanted needs.
Is the location convenient?
Is there adequate living space?
Are there enough bedrooms?
Do you require a yard, garage or other home feature?
You Found A Home and are Making An Offer
Your agent will be there to help you make the best offer for the negotiating process. Usually offers include: price, financial and timing terms as well as contingencies for opting out of the deal.

A property inspection should be part of those negotiations as you need to be aware of any problems about the home before you purchase it.
Obtain Homeowner’s Insurance
You will need to have a homeowner’s insurance policy to protect your investment in your home.
At the Closing
There will be many documents to sign at closing. You should review your HUD Statement prior to the closing time to make sure all of the calculations are accurate. Your Realtor should be there with you every step of the way!! Good luck house hunting!!!

As always enjoy!!
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