Buyers tip of the week in Gainesville Florida!!




 All around good buying tips !!!!


1. Get the most from your real estate agent.


Chances are you’re not going to do the buying alone. Successfully buying a home nowadays means getting the help you need from a real estate agent. Your agent has to work for you. They will give you insights to the market and will negotiate the best price possible. Your agent does not, however, decide for you. It’s important that you take control of every step in the process while considering your agent’s advice.


2. It’s Okay to Say No.

In most instances, especially if you feel that the property is missing something, it’s even smarter to say no. Is it located in an ideal neighborhood but the house itself lacks the architectural features your family wants? Walk away from it. There are other houses available. Is the house almost perfect save for it being overpriced? Negotiate and if it does nothing to lower the price or make it affordable for you, you’re also free to walk away from the property.


3. You Have To Know Your Options


Since you’re buying and not selling a home, time is on your side. You don’t have to rush. Successfully buying a home is definitely worth your time. You can make a counter-offer to a property or look for other properties using online and traditional tools. Don’t think that your counter-offer is too low. There’s no such thing as too low an offer, so don’t be embarrassed. In fact, it’s even strategic to start reasonably low. Your first offer is but a starting point for further negotiations.


4. Doing it online can help save you money.


There’s an emerging trend in the real estate market that’s happening online. Web-based real estate companies are giving away big discounts in commissions previously not possible with brick-and-mortar agencies. Make use of the rebates by looking for reputable agencies online.


5. Get pre-approved before buying.


Successfully buying a home involves getting pre-approved by your lender so that you’ll be in a better position to negotiate a prospective property. A pre-approval decision is based on your credit history and actual income. Lenders who have pre-approved you are indicating that they can loan you up to a specified amount and at a specified loan rate.


Good luck!

As  always enjoy!

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