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how-choose-stock-kitchen-cabinets_57799a1598015a05a40217417cf653ab_3x2_jpg_570x380_q85The Things We Hate About Our Kitchens (and How to Fix Them)

by Laura Goldberg

Have you ever noticed that when guests are gathered at your house, they tend to congregate in your kitchen? For whatever reason, friends and family tend to flock to the kitchen. Maybe it’s the food or the freshly brewed something, but for some reason there is a natural draw to the kitchen.

For accomplished chefs or proud owners of a fantastic prep space, the kitchen is a source of pride and happiness. For others, it is a source of woe and annoyance. So, if you fall into the second category, how do you solve the kitchen-related sorrow? We have diced up a little list of four kitchen sore spots and suggestions on how to solve the sour issue.

Where to put the cooking accessories? All fashionistas know that success lies in the accessories. What shines a glimmer of hope onto your kitchen situation? Storage does. Like a fantastic set of diamond studs, a classic shelf can be your everyday go-to for kitchen storage. Pile books on top of books or line spice jars four-deep, whichever your preference. Below your stacks, install hooks to hang pots and pans, freeing up space in your cabinets.

Speaking of space, does your trash can live outside an enclosure?  If it does, there are options for a classy way of disposing of coffee grounds. Trash cans come in stackable units, right along with recycling containers. Reduce, reuse, refuse to look at this morning’s wrappers. Stack them up and haul them out without losing your sense of style.

Do you suffer from prep space restrictions? Even ample kitchens can feel like small kitchens if you don’t have enough room to slice and dice as you please. So, how do you increase prep space without a major countertop overhaul? Get a rolling island. Wheel it in, chop up some broccoli and wheel it out. Another great storage shortcut is to install a magnetized strip onto your backsplash to store knives. Getting rid of a knife block will free up much-needed prep space.

And last, but not least is our favorite aesthetic issue, flooring. We have lived through the vinyl flooring era and emerged mostly unscathed. But, its legacy remains in the form of tiles and sheets of bygone days. How can we eradicate this great-in-theory-sad-in-form floor covering? You can paint the floor. Yes. You can actually stencil a new pattern onto existing laminate. It takes some manual labor, but it is worth the effort in kitchen satisfaction.

Tell us about your love-hate relationship with your kitchen. What area would you vanquish in your kitchen and how (if you did) solve the issue? We would love to hear how you turned grumpy into greatness in the kitchen arena.

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